Important Covid Policy Update

Dear Friends,

We have an important annoucement to share!

Throughout the pandemic, the CBDC board has been seeking advice from medical experts here in our own dance community. The latest update we received from them is that the precautions we currently have in place–namely masking, mandatory vaccination, and extra time for contact tracing–are no longer necessities. On the other hand, we are also aware that at this point there are people who still appreciate those precautions.

So in order to ensure that we provide all of our dancers with a space that works for them, we are excited to announce the following change:

All Monday dances are now mask optional.  Dancers will still be asked to sign a waiver. And we are still looking at COVID cards (if you have them) and checking everyone off the attendance list to inform people of any health notifications we receive.

And to remind everyone of the process, we are still
1) asking first-timers to sign a waiver to participate (either one that shows the date of a vaccination or one that doesn’t mention such a date for either the unvaccinated or those who did not bring their COVID card with them–the latter waiver tho’ only admits them to the mask-optional dances).
2) and first timers also sign in for health notifications providing their phone and email
3) all other participants are checked off the attendance list as their arrive and pay their admission.

We will keep you updated as we continue to monitor the situation, and please feel free to reach out to a board member with any feedback you may have along the way.

CBDC Board – Devin, Stephen, Ruth, David, Georges, Joel, and Mary